Sabtu, 19 September 2009

Mid.Semester.kls 3.Bahasa Inggris.

Bahan Mid.Semester Kelas 3 untuk pelajaran Bhs.Inggris untuk kalangan sendiri.

Sumber soal:-Kearning English Untuk SMK Tingkat XII.Penerbit Inti Prima.- LKS Bahasa Inggris untuk Kelas XII.Penerbit FOCUS.

I.Make short conversation based on these situations!
1.You must attend the meeting kn Surabaya on 24 th to 26 th March. You plan to fook a hotel.

2.Mr.Joko the sales manager of PT.Maju Mapan will be going to Balikpapan to attend the conference .He asks his secretary to write a letter,booking a hotel.

3.You go to Semarang,you do not have any relatives there.Then you want to spend the night in a hotel.

II.Make dialogue on these situations!
1.You recently bought a new watch,but now it does not work.You are complaining to the store manager about it.

2.You just got a shirt you sewed from Delta Tailor.You think it is too small to wear.Then you phone her to complain anout it.

3.Your sister Salma has received a sofa which she ordered from Maranata Furniture.She is very disappointed because of the color.She's complaining to the manager about it.

III.Write an announcement based on the following situations.

1.Inviting the memders of students' Organization(OSIS) to the meeting after school.

2.Reminding the students of the flag ceremony on the next Monday.

Good luck!

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